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Contracts & Business Organizations
Business Contracts. The essence of all business relationships is the contract. Whether it’s a contract of employment, a non-compete agreement, a buy/sell agreement, or any other agreement that binds the parties to a business transaction, you need to be sure that the agreement contains the terms that meet and serve your needs and that you understand the consequences when those terms are not met. Oftentimes, when a contractual promise is not kept, a party’s only recourse is to turn to the courts for enforcement. De Gennaro Law Firm, and its network of business and commercial law attorneys, have years of experience in drafting contracts and, where necessary, seeking their enforcement. 
Business Organizations. Whether starting or operating a small or family owned business, you need to fully understand the types of legal structure available that may best suit your business and family needs. The number one concern for most small business owners is limiting their personal liability for claims against the business. This consideration makes the corporation or limited liability company (LLC) the organization of choice for most individuals.  

Corporations and limited liability companies enable business owners to lawfully insulate their assets from the reach of their business creditors. You may want to think twice before buying into the myriad of do-it-yourself legal kits. Seeking advice of an experienced attorney is an investment that will pay dividends when starting or running a business.  

The firm offers the following services to help businesses with legal needs:

  • Incorporation
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Partnerships
  • Sole Proprietorships

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